Latitude 43 Member Rewards Program

Latitude 43

Drop anchor in a safe harbor. With loyalty comes rewards.

Of course, Salem Seaport Credit Union provides our members with a number of great benefits, including lower rates on loans, higher yields on savings, and many fee-free services that people at other financial institutions pay for regularly.

But what you may not be aware of is that you can earn even more benefits from your credit union by becoming a member of Latitude 43. As a Latitude 43 member, you’ll receive:

  • .10% added to any new certificate
  • .10% added to any new IRA certificate
  • .25% off any new consumer loan
  • 50% off annual safe deposit rental fee
  • Reimbursement of your annual Salem Seaport CU MasterCard™ fee
  • Quarterly raffles for great prizes

Qualifying for Latitude 43 could not be easier. All you need to have with Salem Seaport are the following:

  • A savings account with a balance over $1,000
  • A checking account with Direct Deposit
  • Combined loans over $10,000
  • An email address on file

Get the extra rewards you deserve by becoming a Latitude 43 member today. Call us at 978.744.1153, email us at, or just stop by our Lafayette Street office to enroll.