The Benefits of an Aggregate Concrete Driveway

October 11, 2022 Off By John Edwards

When you’re looking to install a new driveway, you may want to consider an Aggregate Concrete Driveway. This material is durable and attractive, but it can also be expensive. Prices for an Aggregate Concrete Driveway vary greatly from company to company because of different overheads. However, they tend to be cheaper in the late fall or early winter.

Decorative aggregates can be made from richly colored natural stones and recycled colored glass. In addition, seashells can be seeded into the concrete surface. Choosing a decorative aggregate that suits your home’s aesthetics is important because it can affect the cost of your project. However, expensive aggregates don’t necessarily mean impressive results.

Aggregate concrete can be used to create pathways and patios. The exposed aggregate texture gives a rustic look that goes well with any landscape. The concrete can be sealed for a glossy appearance. Aggregate concrete is a good choice if you want to create a walkway or driveway that complements your landscaping.

Unlike a traditional concrete driveway, aggregate concrete driveway Melbourne requires a longer construction time. First, the installer must use specially formulated chemicals to prevent the top layer of concrete from solidifying. Next, the top layer of concrete must be protected from wide temperature fluctuations. Then, it is necessary to power wash the surface so that the aggregate can breathe.

Besides being a great choice for driveways, exposed aggregate concrete has many benefits as well. A concrete driveway with exposed aggregate can greatly increase the visual appeal and value of your property. The exposed aggregate also has an excellent traction and resists slipping. It also can be durable in changing weather conditions.

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An exposed aggregate concrete driveway costs more than a standard concrete driveway. The price of an exposed aggregate driveway can be as much as $100 to $150 per square metre. The added cost is mainly because of the additional material and labour involved. The material cost will make the installation of an exposed aggregate concrete driveway more costly than a standard concrete driveway.

In addition to adding curb appeal to your home, a driveway with exposed aggregate will also help to provide additional traction for your vehicle. This can prevent slips when driving and parking your car. It is also an excellent choice for homes with children or older adults. Moreover, exposed aggregate finishes Melbourne will protect your driveway from the ravages of weather and traffic.

Aggregate driveways should be cleaned regularly with a hose. This is because the surface can become dirty over time and debris can get trapped inside. A high-force power washer can dislodge small pebbles from the surface. This may result in small holes or gaps in the surface. While standard concrete surfaces can be cleaned using power washers without causing cracks or breaks, an aggregate driveway will require frequent hose-downs to keep it looking great.

Aggregate concrete driveways are another durable, long-lasting option for a driveway. They can have a variety of textures and colors.