Vacation/Christmas Club

Special events are so much more enjoyable when you’re not worried about how you’re going to pay for them. That’s why we have a way to stash money away a little at a time, so you can save up for something really incredible without putting a big dent in your regular budget. With our Vacation/Christmas Club accounts:

  • You can build savings via Direct Deposit or internal funds transfer
  • It only takes a $25 minimum balance to open*
  • No withdrawals** are allowed until the money is transferred to your designated Salem Seaport Credit Union account
  • Vacation Club accounts transfer balances the first week of May
  • Christmas Club accounts transfer balances the first week of November

How much should you put away? Not counting interest earned, here’s a sample of what you’ll have in your account when the transfer happens (assuming a full-year of participation):

  • $10 per week = $520 per year
  • $20 per week = $1,040 per year
  • $30 per week = $1,560 per year
Apply Now
Dreaming of a Green Christmas or thinking about a Blue Hawaii? The journey starts with just a single step. Stop by our Lafayette Street office (across from Salem State University) and we’ll help make your dreams a reality. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 978.744.1153 or email us at

*Minimum required opening deposit is $25.00 and a minimum balance of $25.00 is required to receive annual percentage yield disclosed. **If the account is closed before transfer date, an early closure fee will apply (see Fee Schedule).