Home Loan Rates

Fixed Rate Mortgages*

These Rates Accurate as of
TermRatesPointsAPRPmt Per $1,000
30 Year4.375%04.429%$4.99
20 Year4.125%04.196%$6.13
15 Year3.375%03.418%$7.07
10 Year2.990%03.112%$9.65

NOTE: The minimum loan amount for no points/no closing costs loans is $200,000. No points/no closing costs for Rate/Term refinances and limited cash-out refinances only.

Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans

These Rates Accurate as of
Term Rates Points APR Pmt Per $1,000
10 Year 4.75% 0 4.75% $10.48
15 Year 5.00% 0 5.00% $7.91
20 Year 5.25% 0 5.25% $6.74

Home Equity Line of Credit - Primeline (Variable Rate)**

These Rates Accurate as of
Rates Points APR
Prime 0 3.250%
Home Equity Special** 0 2.250%

Adjustable Rate Mortgages***

Adjustable rate mortgages are available please contact a loan officer at 978‑744‑1153 for current terms and rates.

*Based on a $250,000 loan with 80% LTV. Offer subject to credit approval. Rates subject to change without notice. Other terms & rates available. Maximum loan amount $417,000. Fixed rate mortgages. Must live or work in Essex County to be eligible for Membership. Other Fixed-Rate terms & rates available. Please call, 978-744-1153 or email loans@seaportcu.org

**Initial rate with discount is fixed for the first 12 months; thereafter, Annual Percentage Rate is variable monthly based on Wall Street Journal Prime. Prime as of 3/28/12 is 3.25%. Maximum APR is 18.00% and minimum APR is 3.00%. Maximum LTV of 80%, (75% for condos). Owner occupied 1-4 family primary residences in Essex County, MA. Minimum initial advance is $25,000. New lines up to $300,000. Early termination fee applies. Appraisal fee may be required. Additional terms and conditions apply. New Home Equity Lines of Credit only. Rates subject to change. SCU membership required by opening a Share Account with $25.00.

***APR based on a 20% downpayment. 2% Annual Cap - 6% Lifetime Cap - 2.75% Margin on Adjustable Rate Mortgages.

= Annual Percentage Rate. The rates quoted are subject to change without notice.

Prime Rate is currently 3.250%