Fee Schedule

effective 05/01/2010

All Accounts

E-Checking (direct deposit required) no charge
Senior Advantage (no minimum balance required) no charge
Basic NOW (minimum daily balance $500.00 to avoid service charge) $6.00
Seaport Preferred (minimum daily balance $25,000.00 to avoid service charge) $25.00
Insufficient Funds/Uncollected Funds $28.50
Insufficient Funds Bill Payer $28.50
Overdraft Privilege $28.50
ACH insufficient funds $28.50
Sweep Transactions (per transaction) $10.00
Account research per hour $30.00
Stop payment $20.00
Statement copies $5.00
Instant statement no charge
Return of deposited or cashed item (member owned) $25.00
Return of deposited item (Business Account) $10.00
Return items third party As set by the Commissioner of Banks

ATM/Debit Card Fees

All Transactions at your Seaport ATM are free

Foreign ATM charge (first 5 each month are free) $1.00
Transfers $1.00
Balance inquiries $1.00
Rejected transactions $1.00
Replacement card $20.00
Overdrawn account $28.50

Individual Retirement Accounts

Rollover/Transfer Out $30.00

American Express Travelers Checks

Single Signature Checks no charge
Gift Checks (per check) $3.00

Official Checks/Money Orders

Copies $5.00
Stop Payments $20.00
Money Orders $2.50
Money Orders Senior Citizens (55 plus) $1.25
Official Checks no charge

Club Accounts

Early Close Out $5.00

All Accounts

Dormant Member (annually) $10.00
Abandoned Property (annually) $25.00
Wire Transfers Out $30.00
Wire Transfers In $10.00
Notice of Levy $25.00

Safe Deposit Boxes

Various sizes and annual rental fees

3x5 $30.00
5x5 $42.00
3x10 $55.00
5x10 $75.00
10x10 $130.00
Lost keys $15.00
Box Drilling $300.00